Hand Dryers And Paper Towels, Which One Should We Choose?

- Jun 14, 2018-

How to do it more scientifically? Hand dryer or paper towel? Have you been troubled by this problem? We know that the food company's hand hygiene requirements are very high. They strictly implement the hand sanitizer program to avoid direct contact with food by human hands and avoid cross contamination.

According to statistics, the average person washes their hands 25 times a day, that is to say, the number of your hand washing is about 9100 times a year. Dry hand dryers and hand towels are not good or bad, and have been controversial for many years. Now we can take a look at this issue from the following perspectives:

First, the economic perspective

For cost control of property management, hand dryers are definitely the most economical hand dryers. Why?

You can clearly see:

1) The dry hand cost of hand dryers, especially high-speed hand dryers, is less than 1 cent, while the cost of paper towels is 3 cents (the average cost per sheet is 3 cents).

2) The hand dryer does not require much maintenance, and many problems arise after the paper towel has dried, such as the cleaning of waste paper and the replacement of new paper towels, which also increase the labor cost.

Therefore, from the perspective of property management, the use of hand dryers greatly reduces the cost.

Second, environmental protection

The raw materials for making paper towels are trees and forests, which are precious resources for human beings.

From the perspective of protecting the environment, it is clear that the use of paper is not good for forests. It seems that we advocate the use of hand dryers. This can be fully reflected in the developed countries of Japan. Their toilets never use paper, but use dry cell phones.

Third, convenient angle

From this point of view, there is no doubt that paper towels are more popular than hand dryers, because they use a paper towel to dry their hands and are quick and easy, thus being welcomed by more people.

Fourth, hygiene

Many people mistakenly believe that mobile phones spread bacteria.

But the two German research institutes Fresenius and IPI Research Institute concluded in 1995 that a series of experiments has concluded that the number of bacteria in the warm air discharged from warm air dryers is significantly lower than that before inhalation. This means that: Mobile phones can greatly reduce bacteria in the air.

Why do mobile phones can greatly reduce the bacteria in the air?

This is mainly because most of the bacteria are killed by high temperatures when the air passes through the heating wire in the hand dryer.

Today, with the development of technology, hand dryers have been equipped with an ozone disinfection function, which can further disinfect the hands of the opponents and make them more hygienic.