Fragrance Machine Can Treat Insomnia?

- Jun 14, 2018-

Fragrance machine function

The aerosol dispenser can play a part in relieving stress, health care, air pollution, whitening, nourishing and moisturizing, and increasing radiation. It has certain definite effects on treating insomnia.

The majority of insomniac patients are due to the increasing pressure of life, resulting in overuse of brains, excessive stress, and no signs of voiding caused by ineffective excretion. The aerosol dispenser is added with aromatherapy oil or liquid, etc., and distributed with the spray of water. Crowded house fragrance can keep the body relaxed and comfortable.

Fragrance machine cures insomnia

The high-frequency oscillation of the aerosol dispenser caused by the ultrasonic oscillating device decomposes the water molecules and dissolved animal essential oil into nanometer-sized cold mist having a diameter of 0.1 to 5 microns and is distributed in the surrounding air. The multiple applications of aerosol dispensers are the atomization of water and pure animal essential oils so that the room adheres to relatively high humidity, and a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions are generated, which can help relieve the symptoms of influenza, hypertension, and tracheitis. Such diseases, and play a role in the maintenance of nerve fragments, cardiovascular fragmentation and the body's innovation. Expert tests have shown that aromatherapy extends to the sense of smell through vision and hearing, creating a good atmosphere to make people in a relaxing environment; buffering pressure, increasing anxiety, anxiety and other unpleasant feelings, and easier to help sleep.

Aromatherapy in the aerosol dispenser can create a comfortable environment to help sleep, while the secondary effects of sleep and tranquilizers are lavender, sage (avoid alcohol and mixed alcohol use), marjoram, bergamot, geranium, petitgrain And so on, of which lavender is the most commonly used, because it has a balanced effect on the mood, ineffective removal of odors, can eliminate fatigue and tension, with a calm and calm anxiety and tension, can help sleep.