Cold Air Is Coming, Use It To Warm Your Hands.

- Dec 06, 2018-

Pedestrians and colleagues in guangdong province have donned sweaters and jackets as the cold air hit on December 6, setting a new low from Thursday to the weekend. Compared with guangdong province, Beijing and wuhan saw their first sleet this week. In this cold weather, do you find it more difficult and slower to get dressed in the morning, more and more difficult to get up, and more and more dry hands and face.

When we have to wash clothes after the bath, is it painful? Don’t worry, AOLQ’s high speed energy saving hand dryer warms your hands and drives away the cold air. When you finish washing clothes or hair, only seven seconds to quickly dry your hands, intelligent heating, warm wind drying, can always protect the warmth of the skin, away from fatigue, relax body and mind.