Celebrate The End Of The Company Cultural Speech Contest Awarding Ceremony

- Sep 10, 2018-

On September 3, the bright sunshine greeted the official convening of the AOLQ Cultural Speech Contest. My boss,Bruce,also participated in the whole process of the event. The corporate culture speech contest officially started from 8:30 in the morning and continued until 10:00, colleagues The instrument dressing end is on the stage one by one, the content of the speech is brilliant, and it shines brightly, the climax is repeated, and the applause continues. After the speech, through the scores of multiple dimensions, the champion Cindy, who deserved the speech contest, was selected. In order to celebrate the successful conclusion of the competition, we have a dinner together, and team activities can not only increase the team's cohesiveness and affinity, but also enhance mutual understanding, achieve better communication and so on.
On September 6th, the grand and enthusiastic award ceremony was officially held in the company. In addition to Bruce's personally carved trophy, a company's own wall-mounted, foldable and portable advanced dry skin dryer was also released. After washing the hair at night, the hair is soft and not too dry, so it is very easy to use. We have always believed that a good cultural spirit can make the company sustainable.

hair dryer.jpg