Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Operating Principle And Precautions

- Jun 14, 2018-

The automatic aerosol dispenser is an equipment that can change the air quality of space, actively purify the space, and increase fragrance.

working principle

The automatic aerosol dispenser is an active control by the circuit, through the external electro-mechanical transmission, to trigger the method to trigger the one-time trigger method. It is a small electronic appliance dedicated to the conditioning environment. Can be affixed to public places or on the walls of toilets, etc.

Model variety

Pressurized tank type aerosol dispenser (apparatus) --- gas flavor plus other reagents, more scented nose. Environmental performance is worse. Flammable materials are afraid of collisions and sources of ignition. There is a risk of can bodies exploding when room temperature exceeds 49 degrees. The risk factor is very high.

Spray-type aerosol dispenser (applicator) --- Essential oils plus perfume, no smell of nose and fragrance, long-lasting fragrance, non-toxic, harmful, no explosion risk. Can be the bold application.

Application note

1.Keep the dispenser out of the reach of children.

2.Do not spray on the person's face. If you touch it inadvertently, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes.

3.Do not install refresher in premises where food processing or dispensing is stopped.


After the fragrance is used up, it needs to be replaced with a new spice jar; the new spice jar cannot be simply and casually loaded on the machine. Instead, it should first use the head of a flat head screwdriver to push the nose of the snuff-maker into a certain gap. Then place the new fragrance jar in the device.