Air Freshener Dispenser,Welcome To Become New Member Of The Dolphin Family Series

- Oct 03, 2018-

Generally common aromatherals have aromatherapy machine, aromatherapy stone, aromatic candles and so on, have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as aromatic candles cheap, movable at any time, decorative strong, but the shortcomings of open fire combustion is not safe, combustion components are not good for the environment, fragrance is not uniform enough, volatile range is not large enough and so on. But the new air freshener dispenser mainly uses air pump to compress air to atomized pure essential oil into the air, improving the air quality and fragrance of the environment. It is durable and durable. A bottle of natural essential oil can be used for 2-3 months or so, with long lasting fragrance and strong volatility. It is 4-5 times the efficacy of ordinary spray.Like the hotel lobby can be connected to the air conditioning pipeline, let the fragrance volatilize further.

air freshener dispenser.jpg

In 2018 AOLQ design four new products, including: air freshenser dispenser, wipe dispenser, auto-cut paper dispenser,sensor paper dispenser. Elegant appearance, process refinement, strict selection of materials, high cost performance. We will constantly design and develop new products, enrich product lines, and provide better services for users. Please look forward to the launch of the new product.