2018 AOLQ Spring Festival Holiday Notice.

- Jan 24, 2019-

To all users, the Spring Festival is approaching, and it is another year. Thanks to all the staff for their support and hard work. At the coming of the Spring Festival in 2019, AOLQ wishes everyone a happy New Year, a happy family, a good luck and a happy New Year.

Looking forward to 2018, trembling with fear and treading on thin ice. In order to better meet the 2019 years of hope, opportunity and challenge, according to national regulations and the specific circumstances of the company, the factory holiday time is January 24, 2019, the company holiday time is January 29, and officially start work on February 12.

Please understand that the inconvenience caused by the holiday! Thank you for your continued attention and support to AOLQ.

Sincerely hope that everyone will have a happy, festive and peaceful Spring Festival.

2019 Happy new year