16 Years, Have You, Have Me, Life Is More Better Great

- Nov 17, 2018-

Time is like a line of water, and it is gone, time flies, AOLQ has been established for 16 years. What has changed in your life in 16 years? In 16 years, our country has entered a new era and entered the era of intelligence. Mobile payment can be seen everywhere. Every year, the double eleven is a record high, from 936 million in 10 years to 213.5 billion in 2018. Artificial intelligence and sharing become the label of the new era.

In the 16 years for a city, from the flat floor building to the high-rise buildings, from a small city to a young city of dream-seeking, Shenzhen is a city where young people focus on dream-seeking. It is a convenient, intelligent and fast life symbol.

AOLQ’s 16 years, from small to large, from scratch, growing up, going to extraordinary, the future, the life change more better because of you and me. AOLQ produces products that users like, constantly expands the category of sanitary ware, upgrades its services. In 2018, AOLQ’s new era of intelligent, we will take you into a new era. There are have you and me, life will be great!