Why do public toilets stink?

- Jan 17, 2019-

In public toilets in China, you will often find such slogans as “flush after using the toilet”, “rush in, rush out”, “flush with the toilet, convenient and relaxed” and so on. But the signs do not solve toilet’s sanitation problems, the smell was unbearable.

But people have three urgent, when you are urgent, regardless of how dirty or smelly toilet environment, although your heart is very refused. You may be wondering why public toilets are so dirty. It’s totally different from what you see on TV.

Why are public toilets dirty? You might think that there are more people than there are toilets. In the consumption places, you can always see the phenomenon of waiting in line to go to the toilet. In addition, the public toilets dirty, the daily management level is a more important factor, with the continuous improvement of living conditions, but the public toilet cleaners are less and less, a lot of people are not willing to do this job, resulting in cleaning and management is not timely. Finally, the paper in the wastepaper basket, many tourists throw used toilet paper into the wastepaper basket next to the toilet. If they are not cleaned for a long time, they will easily emit odor.

What can we do about the smell? Hire more cleaners to clean the toilets regularly and keep toilet clean at all times. Use air freshener or deodorizer to remove toilet odors and keep them fresh and natural.