Why choose this fragrance dispenser compared to other fragrance appliances?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Nowadays, the fragrance system has been widely used in offices, gyms, public places, hotel business buildings, toilets and other places. The fragrance machine can relieve emotional irritations, remove odors and purify the air. In recent years, fragrance appliances have become more diverse, functional, and personalized, but homogenized products are numerous. How do users or consumers choose the right and appropriate fragrance dispenser product?

At present, the fragrance appliances on the market mainly include:
Candle incense lamp
Principle: Add the essence to the hot wax. After cooling, ignite and heat to help volatilize the fragrance. Generally, the fragrance is lighter and the price is more expensive than the rattan aroma.
The main advantages and disadvantages: can do decorative effects, but there is still a certain safety factor in the burning of open flames. It is easy to cause burns when knocked down or kicked.

Rattan aroma
Principle: The aromatherapy liquid can be freely and continuously volatilized by a certain carrier (such as rattan, grass flower, cotton rope, etc.).
The main advantages and disadvantages: no need for fire, electricity, fully ensured safety, oil absorption, volatility, and the price is relatively cheap. However, most of the essential oils on the market are non-natural pure essential oils.

Aromatherapy fan
Principle: filling with a piece of cotton film to spray aroma, which helps the wind to flow quickly and accelerates the volatile fragrance.
The main advantages and disadvantages: while using the fan, it can also volatilize the fragrance, but the essential oil consumption is fast, but for cold regions. it can only be used in summer.

Fragrance machine
Principle: no electricity, no fire, no heating, etc., high safety factor, direct atomization of volatile essential oils, can be volatilized in a short time.
Main advantages and disadvantages: large diffusion area, even dispersion, low consumption of essential oils, moderate taste, can be used for decoration. This automatic fragrance machine allows you to take nature to home, is natural fragrance, help sleep decompression, aroma space a must-have.

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