Why choose a stainless steel paper towel dispenser?

- Sep 25, 2018-

Today, stainless steel paper towel dispenser are widely used in shopping malls, bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals, five-star hotels and other consumer consumption places or public places, and are an important member of public sanitary products. The paper dispenser can be divided into plastic paper towel holder, stainless steel paper towel holder and alloy paper towel holder according to the material. Why choose stainless steel paper towel holder?
First, the surface of the stainless steel paper towel holder can be satin finishing and shiny finishing, the simple design, stylish and elegant, exquisite and generous, strong corrosion resistance, good moisture resistance, easy to clean, can also keep the toilet paper clean and clean, let the user Buy the rest assured, use the peace of mind.
Second, the metal paper towel holder is easy to rust, the plastic paper towel holder may be deformed, and the stainless steel paper towel holder is beautiful, durable, easy to clean, and can change the visual effect of the use place, thus becoming  one of the indispensable bathroom products for the star hotel or shopping mall.
A variety of stainless steel paper towel holder products, exquisite workmanship, elegant and generous, simple wall-mounted installation,high-end venues should be equipped with advanced products, it is worth choosing stainless steel paper towel dispenser.

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