What you might not know about the difference between double-sided jet dryer and regular hand dryer?

- Nov 20, 2018-

There are many different hand dryers on the market today, such as double-sided jet hand dryers and ordinary hand dryers. What kind of hand dryer should we choose? There is a lot of learning in it. First of all, we should first understand the difference between the two.

Double-sided jet hand dryer, fast speed, 360 degrees all-round drying of the front and back sides of the hands, the whole process of automatic induction control, making the wind speed higher, using two high-speed warm air to dry the hand, so as to achieve rapid drying The purpose of the hand. The performance of the double-sided jet hand dryer is more stable, safer and more environmentally friendly, and its actual service life can reach more than 10 years. It is mainly used in places with a lot of people, such as cinemas, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, etc. The popularity of double-sided jet hand dryers not only allows more people to use them quickly and easily, but also saves time and money for enterprises. It is an excellent hand dryer that saves time.

The working principle of the ordinary hand dryer is generally that after the sensor detects the signal, the heating circuit relay and the blowing circuit relay are turned on, and the work heating, blowing, and drying the hands are started. When the signal disappears, it will automatically disconnect and stop working. Hand dryers can be divided into high-speed hand dryers and low-speed hand dryers, which are advanced and ideal sanitary cleaning appliances and equipment. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, homes, hotels, toilets, etc. It can be used in individuals, public places or places with small spaces.