What needs to be prepared in advance for visiting customers?

- Oct 05, 2018-

Visiting customers is an important part of enterprise service, which is not only conducive to improving customers' satisfaction with enterprises, products and services,it could also truly understand customers' feedback on the use of products, further understand customers' real needs, constantly perfect products and services, and keep a long-term cooperative partnership with customers. How to do a good job of visiting clients? Preparation is the beginning of success.

1.Communicate in advance. Communicate with customers in advance before visiting,sure the time for both parties and avoid any unpleasant surprises.
2.Prepare relevant materials.You need to prepare the latest product brochures, business card, usb flash disk, camera, etc
3.Travel arrangements, such as booking air tickets and hotels,when and where to meet, determine which markets are worth visiting
4.Gift giving.To prepare different gifts for different customers, you could choose gifts with Chinese characteristics to send to customers to express our friendship.
5.Etiquette preparation,not to be late, or you can arrive first, keep your clothes clean and tidy, and say hello to customers according to their habits.
6. After the visit, you can send an email or message to thank the customer for the reception.