What is the difference between the diffuser machine and the aromatherapy machine?

- Sep 12, 2018-

According to China's air pollution test data, air pollution has improved in some parts of China in 2018, but in general, it needs to be continuously controlled and improved. In addition to serious outdoor pollution, some indoors contain too much formaldehyde, benzene and other gases that cause harm to people. Everyone wants to breathe clean air and get a pure land to enjoy life. How can we reduce these hazards? The diffuser machine and aromatherapy machine can solve the indoor air problem. How can users choose the right and suitable products? Through the following introduction, you can fully understand the difference between the diffuser and the aromatherapy machine, and help users to buy the right product to achieve the best results.
Aromatherapy machine
The aromatherapy machine adopts the principle of high-frequency ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, and decomposes water molecules and dissolved plant essential oil into nanometer-sized cold mist with a diameter of 0.1-5 micrometers and atomizes it into indoor air in various ways, so that the indoors remain high. The humidity, while producing a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions, purifies the air, thereby improving air drying and helping the body and mind and so on. Applicable to households, hotel rooms, lobby, KTV, clubs and other consumer places, usually aromatherapy machine is relatively small, the price is relatively cheap.
Diffuser machine
The main components of the diffuser are composed of a movement, an atomizer and a working program control panel. After starting, the vacuum pump generates air pressure, and then the airflow is sent to the atomizer to form a pressure so that the essential oil in the essential oil storage tank collides into a small atomization. Particles, which diffuse out to form the flavor of the fragrance oil in the air, diffuse out a large area of the fragrance through the air conditioning duct or follow the flow of the air, so as to relieve stress, remove odor. Due to the mechanical working principle adopted, the equipment has certain noise and is controlled within the standard range, but does not affect the working and using environment. The diffuser machine has a personal diffuser, a large space diffuser and a diffuser that is connected to the air conditioning duct. Mainly used in hotel lobby, clubs, banks, office lobby, exhibition hall, home and other high-end places.

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