What factors do we need to consider when purchasing a hair dryer?

- Dec 20, 2018-

The hair dryer can be said to be a daily necessities, and everyone needs it to dry the hair. The hair dryer seems simple and ordinary, but in fact, when buying, there is also some knowledge or skills. In the market, we can find products with different prices. Is the function difference really so big? How do we buy a hair dryer that suits ourself?

To purchase a suitable hair dryer, consider the following issues:

1. Can this hair dryer blow dry hair? Many people choose to use a strong wind to blow their hair to dry. They think that the bigger the wind, the better. In fact, the bigger the wind, the easier it is to blow off the deep moisture of the scalp. For those who have more hair loss, it will increase the drop of hair. We first wipe the hair with a dry hair towel, then use a hair dryer to blow it to a semi-dry, then air dry naturally, which can keep the hair healthy.

2. Can this hair dryer dry hair without harming hair? It need have a constant temperature function, if the temperature is too high, it is easy to burn the hair. The constant temperature function can keep the temperature within a certain range, avoiding the situation that the hair nutrients and moisture are dried due to high temperature, the hair is dry, and the hair loss is aggravated.

3. Can it bring us convenience? For example, wireless design, anytime and anywhere can use. Support folding, so it is easy to carry when traveling for business trips. With a base or bracket, it is easy to solve the problem of placing the hair dryer.