What are the precautions for using the diffuser machine?

- Sep 14, 2018-

Today, most hotels, KTVs, clubs and other places have been equipped with a fragrance system, because the smell can create a brand image, which can make users stay longer.

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If too many equipment but places are too small, not only Will the cost be wasted, but also the scent effect will not be maximized. How to properly install and layout it is a problem, then the daily use and layout of the fragrance equipment should be What to pay attention to?Will explain one by one:

First, regular inspection and maintenance

As an auxiliary product of the diffuser machine, about the essential oil add. It should be added strictly according to the marking line. Do not add too much or add water to avoid the machine not working properly. At the same Time, when the essential oil is used up, the essential oil should be replenished in time to avoid the equipment idling.

Second, the hose should not be too long
Note that the hose of the mist should not be too long, the longer it is, the more serious the liquefaction phenomenon, and the effect of atomization is getting worse.

Third, let the equipment have a pause time
The automatic spreader can't keep working all the time. After working for a period of time, there must be enough pause for the equipment to rest enough, so that the diffuser machine can be used for a long time.

Fourth, determine the placement location
Determine the proper installation position of the diffuser, avoid the relatively closed, air-non-circulating space, and the diffusion effect is not good. It should be placed in the air flow position, so that the fragrance can spread evenly in every corner.