What are the functions of the air aerosol dispenser?

- Nov 12, 2018-

There are many different kinds of aerosol dispenser on the market today, such as aerosol dispensers, aromatherapy machines, diffuser machines, etc. There are still many users who do not know their functional differences, and do not know how to distinguish their functions. Today we will mainly talk about the function of the aerosol dispenser.

1. Improve air quality and improve the environment of the place of use. The automatic aerosol dispenser can spray regularly to continuously improve indoor air quality, such as removing odor, purifying air, and oxidizing organic substances in the air to eliminate the odor generated by it. Clean air and improve the quality of the environment.
2. Sterilization and disinfection can reduce bacteria, microbial viruses, etc. in the air, and has a strong inhibitory effect on microorganisms and bacteria, so that the virus loses its ability to attack, thereby having the effect of killing bacteria.
3. It can make people more comfortable, reduce stress, etc. Research shows that the aroma released by the aerosol dispenser can effectively release the pressure for the user, relieve tension and provide a comfortable environment for the user.