What are the differences between AOLQ high-speed hand dryers and traditional hand dryers?

- Oct 31, 2018-

Compared with the traditional hand dryer, the traditional hand dryer has a long time to dry hand and no tray design. It is easy to make the water drop on the hand fall on the ground, which has an impact on the use environment, which seriously causes the user to slip and cause safety problems. In addition, not only low power, but also high energy consumption.

AOLQ’s new energy-saving high-speed hand dryer fundamentally solves problems such as dry hands, water droplets, and no trays. Our high-speed hand dryer trays can be disassembled to meet different user needs, fast, safe, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free.

Features of high speed hand dryer:

High power, fast speed, short drying time, just 7 to 10 seconds to dry.

Do all-round work, avoid the spread of bacteria and diseases, protect the safety of users, and improve the efficiency of life.

Low energy consumption and reduced operating costs.

Antibacterial and environmentally friendly, no contact, meeting the strict hygiene needs of all types of restrooms.

Safety protection treatment, with overheating and overload protection, safer to buy and more secure to use.