What are the characteristics of jet hand dryer?

- Jun 15, 2018-

Jet hand dryer features

Fast dry hands

Ordinary hand dryers have a wind speed of only about 15 m/s, and the dry hand time is generally more than 25 seconds; while the jet hand dryers have a wind speed of more than 60 m/s, the strong double-sided jet airflow quickly dries the water droplets on the handle. It takes 5-6 seconds to improve work efficiency.

Low energy consumption

The average dry handpiece's thermal power is over 1500W, and the hair dryer is also above 100W, which consumes a lot of power; while the Jet Dryer only uses strong jet air to dry its hands, and its power is only 650W, which is the lowest power hand dryer on the market. Your monthly electricity consumption is the sole operating cost of the dryer, coupled with extremely fast dry hands, energy savings, and savings in operating costs.

Easy maintenance

When using a two-way jet hand dryer, you do not need to waste time dealing with paper towels, replenishing new paper towels and changing towels. You need to clean the drainage trough under the main unit.

Antibacterial and environmental protection

Ordinary hand dryers do not have a tray design, water droplets often wet the ground or splash on the guests, resulting in secondary pollution; and jet dryers unique touch-free dry hand system provides the highest degree of hygiene clean procedures in the dry hand area, Drainage troughs and drains are provided with antibacterial coatings that fully meet the stringent sanitary requirements of all types of toilets. At the same time, double-sided jet dryers do not require the use of paper towels to completely address the problem of waste, help reduce the consumption of global timber resources, and enhance corporate image.

High quality

There are many types of ordinary hand dryers, whose quality is uneven, and whose appearance is also stingy. The top-level configuration of advanced toilets is out of tune. Jet dryers, as a new generation of hand dryers, are luxuriously shaped and conform to the design of human sciences. The bathroom has entered the ultimate era of perfection.