What are the categories of trash cans?

- Jan 15, 2019-

Garbage can is a container for people to hide dirty things in their life. Most of them are made of metal or plastic, and most of them have covers to prevent the peculiar smell of garbage from spreading. Some of them can be opened by foot, and there are many different kinds of garbage cans, let us know together.

Trash cans are sorted by places:

1. Public trash can, with requirements for the environment, can withstand high and low temperature in outdoor natural conditions, is environmentally friendly and harmless, has a large capacity, is easy to clean and so on.

2. Family type trash can, mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen and toilet are had better use airtight sex commonly stronger take LIDS trash can, it is best to dump the garbage every day to prevent the emission of mold and odor.

Trash cans are sorted by features:

1. Independent trash can, single use, high utilization rate, common in public places and families.

2. Ledger trash can, divided into recyclable, non-recyclable and toxic trash cans.

Trash cans are sorted by material:

1. The plastic trash can is simple, easy to clean and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Stainless steel trash can with delicate appearance is suitable for outdoor use.

3. The wood trash can has good texture and can be easily coordinated with the environment.