What are the benefits of scented marketing?

- Sep 17, 2018-

Scented marketing refers to a marketing method that attracts consumers' attention and memory to a product or brand by specific smell to finally form consumption. Nowadays product homogenization is more and more serious, data is also differentiated seriously. People often associate smell with specific items, and the smell is like a second label for a brand.

There are many cases of fragrance marketing at home and abroad, such as maotai "wine fragrance as medium", "lemon coke", "coffee house" and so on. The unique and non-replicable way of aroma marketing is the key, so what are the advantages of aroma marketing?

1. Can promote sales
Scented marketing can effectively boost sales. A study has found that introducing a perfume diffuser machine to a store may inadvertently evoke good memory that prompts users to make an impulse purchase.

2. Form brand memory and increase user stickiness
The brand itself has no fragrance and no cognition, and people give it brand significance, association and recognition, which is conducive to the formation of brand memory incense, enabling users to form a new perception of the brand, and improving user stickiness. Brand attributes can be used to trigger consumers' association, such as security, functionality and so on. Therefore, we can choose a smell that can trigger consumers' perception of safety to lenovo. for example, automatic digital perfume aerosol dispenser, a variety of certificates and high praise, quality assurance.

The good scented is better than thousand words, sale at invisible, just as "right now silent win sound" reason is same, let invisible fragrance lead the behavior of consumer, this is the way of marketing.