What are the benefits of double-sided jet hand dryers?

- Jun 15, 2018-

Everyone in the industry needs to know that a double-sided jet hand dryer is a bathroom appliance used to dry hands or blow dry hands, and a double-sided jet hand dryer is more energy-efficient than traditional hand dryers. Health and other more benefits, so loved by public places.

1, the highest efficiency is high, can quickly dry hands. Normal hand dryer dry hand time generally takes more than 25 seconds, while the double-sided jet hand dryer uses strong double-sided jet air flow to quickly wipe the handle on the water droplets dry, time only 3-6 seconds, improve work efficiency, It also avoids waiting in line to wait for the situation to happen.

2. The material is both antibacterial and environmentally friendly. The antibacterial design of the air duct combined with the use of high efficiency air filter and UV germicidal lamps in the air inlet promotes clean and sterile air in the air duct. Ordinary hand dryer because there is no tray design, water droplets often wet the ground or splashed on the person's body, causing secondary pollution, and the unique water tray design of the jet hand dryer can keep the ground clean and hygienic, to avoid the wet ground Slippage, as well as touch-free dry hand systems provide the highest level of hygiene cleanliness.

3, has high quality. The variety of ordinary hand dryers is very different, the quality is uniform, and the top-level configuration of the advanced bathroom is out-of-place. The double-sided jet hand dryer not only has a streamlined noble and elegant appearance, but also meets the design of human sciences, allowing the advanced bathroom to enter. New Era.