What are the advantages of using hand dryers?

- Jun 15, 2018-

After washing your hands in the bathroom of a shopping mall or office building, what kind of dry hand is your choice? There may be two choices at this time: First, the traditional hand dryer, but you have encountered the problem of "dry hand too slow", "temperature is too high", "dry hands are not complete" or even "the machine does not work" and so on. The second is paper towels, which are quick and convenient, but greatly increase the cost of use, causing waste of resources and no environmental protection.

The World Green Organization has conducted an in-depth investigation. A mall with medium traffic volume consumes 15,000 paper towels per day. In the course of the investigation, a major problem was also discovered: Most people thought that paper towels could be recycled, but in fact, paper towels were not recyclable. According to survey data, the production of 1 ton of paper towels requires the cutting off of 17 trees and polluting 90,000 liters of water. That is to say. The consumption of 15,000 paper towels per day is equivalent to cutting down millions of trees a year and polluting a lot of water resources. In view of this, the World Green Organization encourages the public to use more energy-efficient hand dryers, use less paper towels, cut down on trees, reduce water use, and reduce pollution and solid waste, making the world green.