Types of roll holders and cleaning and maintenance

- Jun 14, 2018-

Roll holders are offered in stainless steel, alloys, and plastics. Aluminum is easily oxidized and the plastic can be deformed. Assuming that the quality of the stainless steel is a result, it canbe ensured that it will not rust. Copper does not have these results after gold electroplating.

Roller tray cleaning and maintenance


Clean the paper reels with clean water and dries it with a soft cotton cloth. Do not take any detergent, cloth, or paper towel with abrasive effect. The surface of the paper reel will be shiny due to the temporary presence of various kinds of washing essence, shower gel, etc. Regress and directly affect the surface quality. Use a mild liquid cleaner, a colorless glass cleaner, or a non-abrasive polish.


1.Don't mix it in a high-temperature workshop or near a fire source.

2.Avoid wiping or cleaning with alcohol and diluted daily chemicals.

3.Do not expose this product to direct sunlight for long periods of time, so as not to extend the cycle of use.

4.Durable goods should be avoided to scratch the surface of the goods.

5.Pay attention to the standard weight of the reel, doesn't change the use and overweight use.