This is a warm and smell article.

- Dec 04, 2018-

When you read this article, you may be playing with your mobile phone to enjoy the convenience brought by the flush toilet. You may very much wonder why this article has “smell”. When you have seen, you will find the answer.

How many young people in China are struggling just to get their own bathroom in a first-tier city? How many people around the world struggle just to go to the bathroom? Do you think that going to the bathroom is a small thing? It is not.

Nowadays, many young people like to go to the toilet while playing with their mobile phones, which is not only bad for digestion and constipation, but also research shows that they will spend more time on the toilet while playing with their mobile phones. When they stand up quickly after the end, it is easy to induce dizziness and even fall down. Every year, thousands of people are injured in the toilet. Secondly, the toilet covers many bacteria, for people with poor constitution, it is easy to infect bacteria. Because of the busy work, there is no time to clean the toilet. To the person that has clean fetish at the same time, it is very refuse to share closestool with others, how to solve these problems then? Today, we bring you a toilet seat cover paper holder that can hold 250 pieces of toilet paper, which can effectively avoid contact with bacteria, and indirectly and safely avoid using the same toilet, so as to better protect your health and the health of your family.