The process of visiting customers

- Oct 07, 2018-

When we go abroad to visit customers, how to make this visit successful? Having a clear understanding of ourself process can not only increase confidence, but also leave a good impression on customers. The process of visiting customers is as follows:

1.Prepare for the visit.For example, confirm the specific time, place, visitor and contact information of the visit with customers, and prepare the materials, business card, notebooks, cameras, gifts, etc.

2Plan your schedule.Find the route,Identify the best route to avoid delays.Confirm the number of customers to visit.

3.Meet the client.According to customers' habits,Warm greeting and make a brief self-introduction, create a good atmosphere and shorten the distance between each other. Ask about the use of products carefully and professionally, listen to customers' opinions patiently, and keep records. Avoid sensitive topics as much as possible.From the perspective of customers, know the real needs of customers and win their recognition.

4.Visit summary.After the visit, We would like to thank the customer for the reception, and express the hope that we can cooperate for a long time and create a win-win vision. Welcome customers to China.