The bathroom cabinet type tissue boxes into a trend

- Nov 14, 2018-

Today, after 80, 90, the main purchasing power for the product that defend bath, they pursue personalized, different demands on service. The new generation of consumers for service demand to upgrade, to promote the brand and service continuously upgrade. In recent years, the AOLQ has attention the bathroom cabinet type tissue boxes, under space, fashion, contracted design, one inch and one foot to grasp the space design. The module is fully functional, including cleaning hand cartons, built-in hand dryers and trash cans, which gives users a better sense of use, and brings younger and more fashionable consumers have a more younger bathroom experience.

Cabinet type tissue boxes is a new field for sanitary ware, not only can we make full use of the owner’s actual living space, but also can be customized according to the needs of users, to bring more personalized customized experience to the users, to meet the love of the new generation of consumers. AOLQ uses technology and quality to advance into new areas of the sanitary industry.