Several creative paper holders bring more convenience to life.

- Dec 22, 2018-

When we take a shower in the bathroom, we may wet the toilet paper and make it unusable. Many people have the habit of playing mobile phones in the bathroom,sometimes we have some inconveniences when taking paper towels. If you have encountered such problems, then look at these creative paper holders to make your life easier.

1. Are you still worried that the toilet is out of paper? Don’t know if you’ve ever gone to the bathroom and found that there was no paper, do you feel embarrassed? However, the double roll paper holder can effectively avoid this situation, even if after using a roll of paper, there is another roll of paper that can to use, and can also extend the replacement the period of paper. With a double roll paper holder, you don’t have to worry that the toilet is out of paper.

2. Are you still worried about wet the roll paper and can’t use it? Inadvertently, wet the roll paper is not only wasteful but also distressed. AOLQ waterproof and grey-proof paper tissue dispenser, no longer have to worry about the paper being wet or damp, the use is more safe and durable.

3. Are you still worried that the space is too small to install? Small roll paper holder with ashtray, small and light, simple shape, don’t worry that the space is too small to be placed. Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is also a good place to place it. Made of 201 stainless steel, top with ashtray, serrated paper exit the paper towel can be cut with a single pull, and the hand will not be scratched, and the family can use it more securel.