Saving time and efficient hand dryer, wash hands and dry hands to protect everyone

- Nov 22, 2018-

A new generation of high-quality double-sided hand dryers surpasses the insurmountable advantages of traditional hand dryers. It not only meets the needs of public toilets in various top office buildings, hotels and entertainment centers, but also has good antibacterial properties, which can meet the requirements of those who are extremely demanding in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Hand dryer can warm and dry hands to protect everyone after washing their hands.

What are the advantages of this time-efficient hand dryer?

1. Quickly dry hands, the average dry speed of the common hand dryer usually takes 35 seconds to 40 seconds, while powerful jet air can quickly dry the water, only 7 to 10 seconds, dry your hands quickly.

2. Low energy consumption, compared with ordinary hand dryer, double-side jet hand dry not only have low power, but also fast time, energy saving and cost saving.

3. Warm air dry hands, when using double-sided jet hand dryer, high-speed hot air can quickly dry hands, while avoiding waste of paper towels, etc.

4. Antibacterial and environmental protection, for some hand dryer without tray design, water droplets may drip on the ground, causing users to slip or secondary pollution, while double-side jet hand dryers have antibacterial in dry hand area, drain channel and drain pipe. The coating fully meets the strict hygiene requirements of all types of restrooms, providing users with a hygienic and clean method of dry hand.