Precautions for purchasing hand dryers

- Jun 15, 2018-

When choosing a hand dryer, consumers should decide which hand dryer to buy based on their individual needs and circumstances. When selecting inductive hand dryers, it should be noted that such hand dryers are susceptible to the environment and objects. The latest brush less DC motors for hand dryers combine the above features with low noise and air flow, making them the best choice for hand dryers today.

First, dry hand speed, environmental protection and energy-saving hand dryer are based on the wind, heating-assisted hand dryer. This type of hand dryer is characterized by high wind speed, which quickly blows off water from the hands, while the heating function only keeps the hand comfortable. Usually the air temperature is between 35-40 degrees. When you dry your hands quickly, there will be no burn.

Hand dryer main parameters:

1, shell, shell material not only determines the appearance of the hand dryer, unqualified material may become a fire hazard, better hand dryer shell commonly used ABS flame retardant plastic, metal spray paint, and engineering plastics.

2, the weight, mainly to consider whether the installation position and material capacity to withstand the hand dryer, for example: the cement brick wall can generally not consider the weight problem, as long as the installation method is appropriate, if it is color steel plate and other materials Consider bearing capacity issues.

3. The color and color are mainly the problems of personal preference and the overall environment. There are also hand dryers that try to select the raw materials of food factories and pharmaceutical factories. Because the hand dryers used for painting may volatilize, it may affect food or medicines. Security.

4, start mode, usually manual, infrared sensors in two ways, the new start-up mode photoelectric type, is characterized by fast start-up, not easily affected by the environment, such as strong light may cause the infrared hand dryer to keep turning or start their own, photoelectric The use of blocking light into the way to start, thus preventing the infrared hand dryer problem, also does not touch the hand dryer, so as to prevent cross-infection.

5, sensing position, according to their needs

6, working methods, wall, bracket, according to their own needs to choose, often move recommended to use bracket type

7, work noise, usually as small as possible

8, dry hands, the shorter the better

9, standby current, the smaller the better

10, wind temperature, according to their needs and choose the type of hand dryer, usually choose to run for a long time without burning sensation is appropriate