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- Dec 26, 2018-

Whenever and wherever, whether you are eating or shopping, you will find that more and more people have become the “phubber” in our mouth. Even many people bring their mobile phones when they go to the bathroom. The first thing they do before going to bed and wake up is to play with their mobile phones.

As the pace of life is getting faster and faster, modern people’s work pressure is great. When tired, many people will choose to go to the toilet to empty themselves. The toilet is no longer just to solve physiological problems, but to relax and become our daily routine an integral part of life.

But if you play your phone almost all the time, the phone is probably full of bacteria. The worst is more than that, when you pick up the phone, the temperature of the phone will rise, giving bacteria Breeding provides a favorable environment. All of us should wash our hands in time after using the mobile phone, clean your hands in time, AOLQ intelligent sensor liquid soap dispenser, don’t need to contact, just put your hands in the sensing area to get liquid. When you feel that there are too few hand sanitizers, you can adjust the amount of liquid to get more liquid, precise liquid discharge, smooth and exquisite appearance, giving you a different quality experience.