Is a soap dispenser required in a space bath?

- Jun 15, 2018-

Because there is no gravity in space, taking a bath on the space station is a novel journey. Because the water does not come down, it will gather on the astronauts. In space, astronauts wipe their bodies with soap from soap dispensers similar to toothpaste tubes. After cleaning, use a "suction device" to suck the body's water and soap.

On the International Space Station, astronauts can use a limited amount of water to flush out a "sponge bath." According to reports, the International Space Station built-in 2005 was 1,085 meters long and 88.4 meters wide. Therefore, in the space station, there is ample room for bathing and a full-body bath can be made.

However, what is scarce is water resources. Depending on statistics, the limit of water used by each astronaut for bathing is generally within 4 liters. In order to protect privacy, the International Space Station has set up a “cylindrical shower room” and has a lockable door.