In the 21st century, how far are we from smart life?

- Nov 28, 2018-

From January 1, 2001, we officially entered the 21st century. In the memory of many people, robot cats brought us fantasy about the future. With the passage of time and the rapid development of technology, the word “Intelligent” has become a hot word. In 2016, there were many landmark events in the field of smart technology, such as AR games, which detonated the world. In 2018, the market for smart applications are more extensive. For example, modern technologies such as electronic control and automation is applied to sanitary products to enhance the functions of sanitary products and enhance the health and comfort, convenience and humanity of the bathroom experience. Many smart bathroom products are constantly appearing in front of consumers.

With the continuous intelligentization of life, some people think that smart products are expensive, and intelligent life is far away from the general public. In fact, a lot of smart home products have quietly penetrated into daily life. Here has some fine intelligent bathroom products, so that the general public can enjoy intelligent life!

1. AOLQ automatically senses the paper machine, just put your hand in the sensing area, you can get the paper, the user only needs to touch the paper to avoid bacterial cross infection.

2. AOLQ sensor soap dispenser, washing hands is a very necessary thing, whether it is before eating, playing mobile phones, etc. We need to wash your hands, sensor soap dispenser, easy to wash your hands, help you clean your hands, sterile and safer.

3. AOLQ automatic hand dryer, after washing your hands, put your hands in the sensing area, 360 degrees to help you dry your hands. Make your life better and smarter.