How to use hair dryers correctly and safely

- Jun 15, 2018-

The hair dryer has a large power and fast heating. After the air is blown, the temperature at the air outlet is still very high. If you do not pay attention to put it in a closed drawer or put it together with other flammable materials, it can easily cause a fire. After the hair dryer is used up, it should be left for a while. After the air outlet is cooled, the soap dispenser should be included.

So how to choose and use a hair dryer is safe? Here are some things you should know about hair dryers.

1. When buying a hair dryer, choose a regular channel, a well-known brand product, buy a hair dryer that has overheat protection function (the temperature will stop automatically when it is high).

2. When the hair dryer is turned on, people can‘t leave, but can not be put on the bench, sofa, mattress and other combustibles.

3.Don’t use a hair dryer too long, so as not to burn the wire caused by high temperature caused by fire sprayer.

4. Try not to blow. When the air is blown into the air inlet, the hair is easily pinched. In addition, keep a certain distance from the air when blowing air to avoid burns.

5. The hair dryer should not be used in the bathroom or in places with high humidity to avoid the risk of electric shock.

6. Lastly, remember that the utilized hair dryer should be placed for a while, so that the air outlet is cold and then the tissue box is included.