How to use disposable toilet seat paper for bathroom equipment?

- Nov 02, 2018-

Nowadays, many public restrooms can see the figure of the commode. Users often squat on the choice of “sitting” and “not sitting” because they are worried that the public toilets are unsanitary and unsafe, they will not be trust to use them directly. AOLQ now offers user a variety of styles of toilet seat paper holders. Simply put on disposable toilet paper, you can easily relieve the user’s troubles and the idea of not clean to use the public toilet , so that users can use the public toilet more safe and clean. How to use the disposable toilet seat paper?
1. Remove the disposable toilet paper from the toilet paper holder and pull the left, right and front nodes apart.
2. Lay the cushion paper neatly on the seat washer, and the paper in the middle will hang down naturally.
3. After use, put it into the toilet and wash it away directly with water. The disposable toilrt paper has strong water solubility and will not block the toilet. Users can safely use it safely.