How to maintain an automatic hand dryer?

- Oct 09, 2018-

Nowadays, people are pursuing more healthy, convenient and quick products. Hand dryers are widely used in public toilets, hotels, office buildings and other places, instead of traditional paper towels to wipe hands, not only make life more simple and convenient, but also improve the efficiency of work and life. How to maintain the automatic hand dryer to make the service life longer?

1. Regularly clean up the dirt and dirt outside the cabinet, wipe with dry soft towel or wet cloth.

2. Regular maintenance checks whether the power lines are damaged, when the power supply line is damaged, it not only endangers the safety of users, but also can not guarantee whether the automatic hand dryer can turn well. Therefore, regular maintenance inspection of power lines is necessary.

3. Use professional cleaners, use professional cleaning supplies, do not use immediately after cleaning, to avoid unsafe.