How to install the wall mounted automatic soap dispenser?

- Oct 01, 2018-

Generally, the wall-mounted installation is relatively simple, but the sensor soap dispenser installed in a public place needs to pay more attention to safety, Avoid installations that are not securely dropped and hurt users, Or someone accidentally falls because the liquid is spilled on the ground. Although many products are equipped with product manuals, but some users are still unclear, and hope that a detailed installation introduction process can help more users to install.

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Installation process:
1.Choose the appropriate installation location. For ease of use, don't be too high or too low to ensure that both adults and children can use it.
2.Determine the position of the wall drilling, in order to strengthen the fixing effect, the rubber plug can be installed and fixed with screws.
3.Open the soap dispenser and put in a pot or disposable bag filled with liquid to confirm whether the liquid nozzle can be worked normally and lock the soap dispenser.
4.After installation, check whether the installation is tight. Plug in the power supply of the adapter to observe whether it works normally. The power plug should avoid contact with water to prevent a safety accident.

wall mounted soap dispenser.jpg