How to deodorize a poorly ventilated bathroom?

- Dec 16, 2018-

We go to the bathroom every day, whether it’s to meet our physical needs or to wash our hair or shower. At school, many are four to six people in a dormitory, sharing a bathroom. After using for a long time, toilet always can have peculiar smell, in summer, because weather is hot, not ventilated, odour may be met heavier, more unpleasant smell. Even if we clean up or clean up every day, there may still be bad smells. So what can be done to eliminate these smells easily? Here are some tips for your reference:

1. Use the fruit peel to remove the smell of the bathroom. We often eat oranges, grapefruits, lemons, pineapples and other fruits. These peels can remove the odor well and use the natural aroma of these fruits to dispel the smell of the bathroom.

2. Lemon is the best natural deodorant, lemon itself can not only remove the smell of the toilet, but also can play a role in mold.

3. Greenery can purify air not only, still can effectively purify the moisture of toilet.

4. Place indoor aerosol dispenser, so that the smell of the toilet will be more good smell. AOLQ can provide you with a wide range of styles of aerosol dispensers, in addition to more than twenty different flavors of air fresheners, including jasmine, rose, lemon, orchid and apple, etc