How to choose a suitable hair dryer from numerous similar products?

- Oct 13, 2018-

Hair dryer is indispensable in our daily life, especially in winter, it is necessary for girls. Hair dryer can quickly blow dry and wet hair, and prevent colds, etc. We must choose not harm to hair., safe hair dryer. Today, there are many styles and functions of hair dryer, so how should users choose a suitable style for their own hair dryer?

First, the power should be suitable. The wattage of the general household hairdryer is from 800w to 1200w, which can meet the basic needs.
Second, both cold and hot air stalls, hot air can quickly blow dry hair, cold air plays the role of stereotypes, also can meet the requirements of women and men at the same time.
The third, mouth mouth chooses, common have cylinder and flat mouth.

AOLQ hair dryer has a power of 1200w and 1000w, with 58 degree constant temperature air setting, which can not damage the hair and make the hair more smooth. It has a three setting with both cold and hot air, making it an ideal product for home use.