How should the bathroom renovation begin?

- Jan 05, 2019-

Do you have to worry about how to decorate the bathroom after buying a house? A good bathroom decoration can show quality life. If you don’t know how to decorate? Then take a look at the decoration guide below, maybe you will find the decoration inspiration.

Pay attention to the overall layout of the space. Usually the bathroom is private. Although the time spent every day is short, the frequency of use is very high. In the water and electricity areas of the bathroom, for safety, the decoration design must be reasonably divided. Not only convenient, but also save space.

Do a good job of dry and wet separation design, effectively avoid splashing water to other places when shower, and also installing electrical bathroom products in the dry area, which is safe and secure.

Bathroom sanitary ware and wall selection materials, sanitary ware is an indispensable furniture item in the bathroom. Considering the limited area of the family bathroom, you must pay attention to the size when selecting sanitary ware, only The right size of the sanitary ware can make us more convenient. Usually, our daily washing is done in the bathroom, so the bathroom is a place with frequent water, so we must choose a good wall material, waterproof and non-slip. In the decoration design, it is necessary to meet the basic needs of the family, but also to maintain the beautiful and comfortable bathroom.