How much is the height of the hand dryer installed?

- Jun 15, 2018-

The hand-washing dryer is a dry sand or dry-hand hygiene apply for a bathroom and is divided into an induction automatic dryer and a manual hand dryer. It is used primarily in hotels, restaurants, research institutes, hospitals, public entertainment places and family bathrooms. The dry-hand dryer overcomes the existing multi-directional air temperature which is too high to make the hand skin defect, and is designed to provide a multi-directional circulating wind hand dryer with an air guide device at the outlet of the dryer. The wind guide device of the air guide plate is a positioning scheme of the hand dryer's circulating air that rotates or swings through the air guide plate of the air guide device.

There are many who like to use the bathroom drying device at home, that is, it is hygienic and convenient. What is the height of the hand dryer that can be installed without installing it? What height is reasonable? Under normal circumstances, installation height is generally 1.2 meters above the ground.