How maintenance of hotel soap dispenser?

- Jun 15, 2018-

Soap dispensers are used in hotel bathrooms and other places and are indispensable items in hotel supplies. So in daily life, how should we maintain the hotel soap dispenser so as to extend its useful life?

1. When using the soap dispenser for the first time, add water to remove the vacuum and add soap.

2, soap dispensers in the process of regular use, there may be dust and impurities will block the liquid outlet, should be cleaned regularly.

3, soap dispensers are usually a humid environment, should always use a clean rag to wipe its surface, or the shell may degenerate in such an environment.

4, idle for a period of time may be some liquid soap soap dispenser, if the amount of soap to stir with warm water can be, this can make the liquid to reduce the liquid, if the above method is not feasible, put the condensed soap The liquid is removed, warm water is added, and the soap dispenser is used multiple times until the warm water drains from the soap dispenser so that the entire soap dispenser can be cleaned. Doing the soap dispenser maintenance is not only saving the hotel's economic costs, but also allowing the guests to use the best services, which are very helpful for the guests' overall impression of the hotel.