How is the lobby of the high-end hotel full of fragrance?

- Jan 07, 2019-

Just as perfume is like a woman’s label, it represents the unique character and emotional of women. Is the so-called: “no perfume woman no future”, the same “no fragrance of the hotel, there is no future” when we walk into a hotel, even close your eyes can tell which is, may be because the hotel unique fragrance. So where does the scent come from in the lobby?

The general hotel uses aromatherapy machine or aerosol dispenser to distribute fragrance. Express hotels, KTV, etc. use aerosol dispenser and fragrance machines to increase the fragrance.
The fragrance of the five-star hotel lobby is spread through the installation of the fragrance system in public areas such as the hotel lobby and floor passages, the dispenser cooperate with central air conditioning, through the flow of air and the scent spread to every corner of the hotel lobby. It has a wide range of uses and spreads evenly, making people feel happy and remembering a hotel because of a unique fragrance.

The fragrant smell is invisible, but it can also be carried through the nostrils of the guests and stay in their hearts for a long time. Visible, choose a perfect fit with the hotel brand and culture of the diffuser dispenser, is how important, is the so-called: “Scent of the brand”.