How does the enterprise use fragrance to promote brand image?

- Oct 19, 2018-

Nowadays, many star hotels or high-end places have begun to use fragrance atmosphere to trigger customers’ association and improve brand image. Today,AOLQ can provide customers with 20 different types of air freshener, like lemon, jasmine, orchid, lavender, cologne, and so on, refreshing lemon can help users, odor removal, different sweet atmosphere is suitable for the different place, when sweet atmosphere agree with brand image users, users smell similar atmosphere again immediately associated with the brand, this is the role of sweet atmosphere. How should enterprise use fragrance to trigger user association brand again?

1. It triggers user association by producing area of fragrance. Nowadays, many users have a general understanding of a well-known brand in a certain country.
2. Use the source meaning of the brand to trigger the user association. Many users are nostalgic and think that meaningful brands are very good.
3. Dig deeply into the favorite smell of users, such as the smell that stressful office workers may like to help them relieve pressure and relax their spirits, elderly people will like simple light fragrance, couples will like sweet fragrance, etc. As long as users smell similar smell, they will associate with the brand, thus enhancing users’ favorable impression of the brand. By exploring the tastes that consumers like, we can get a deep understanding of them from different dimensions, such as gender, interest, values, etc., so as to find the smells that users like.