How do users choose paper towel holder for different places of use?

- Nov 08, 2018-

The paper towel holder plays an important role in our lives and work, not only giving us a simpler, faster, safer and healthier lifestyle. Today, we can see paper towel holders in consumer occasion, whether it is family, restaurant, hotel, kitchen, communal toilets, etc. can all be seen the paper towel holder. So what kind of paper towel holder is better? How do we choose paper towel holder depending on the different places of use? We hope to help you through the answers below.

Selection way of paper towel rack for bathroom: Generally speaking, the environment of the bathroom is very moist and watery, and even many bathrooms are not ventilated. In order to avoid the paper towel being affected, the user should choose a paper towel holder with good airtightness and moisture resistance. AOLQ stainless steel roll paper toilet paper holder not only has large capacity, waterproof and moisture proof, but also gives you a clean and hygienic paper holder.

Selection way of paper towel rack for the kitchen: the general kitchen space is relatively crowded, narrow, generally select space-saving paper holder, the simple installation of the toilet paper holder, the plastic roll holder can be selected, simple and light.

Selection way of paper towel rack for the restaurant: For restaurants, napkins are a must. user can choose plastic napkin holders, which not only saves space, but also moves at any time, which can save costs, and it is very simple to change paper towels at the same time.