How do users choose a soap dispenser when faced with many products?

- Sep 19, 2018-

With the vigorous development of the market, the types of soap dispensers are diversified, functions are diversified, and designs are diversified. How do users choose a suitable soap dispenser product? It could be selected from the six dimensions of function, liquid delivery mode, style, material, safety, and specification.

First, from the functional point, it can be divided into manual soap dispenser and sensor soap dispenser.

Secondly, from the way of liquid discharge, it can be divided into foam soap dispenser, liquid soap dispenser and spray soap dispenser.

Third, soap dispensers can be divided into single-head soap dispensers, double-head soap dispensers, and three-head soap dispensers. Three-head soap dispensers are suitable for star-rated hotels with large passenger flows. The single-head soap dispenser is suitable for home use and the like.

Fourth, from the material, it can be divided into plastic soap dispenser and stainless steel soap dispenser. The 304 soap dispenser is highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

Fifth, from a safety point of view, the soap dispenser can be divided into a soap dispenser with lock and without  lock, with buttons and no buttons. Public places should choose a soap dispenser with a lock to reduce the risk of theft and so on.

Sixth, from the capacity of the soap dispenser. The common one can be divided into 300ml 800ml 1000ml, and The user can select a soap dispenser of the appropriate based on comprehensive of factors such as human flow and cost.

Through the above six dimensions, do you understand how to choose a soap dispenser?