From which dimensions can the user choose the right soap dispenser?

- Oct 27, 2018-

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to healthy life and work efficiently. No matter in hotels, home, restaurants and other consuming places, we can see the appearance of soap dispensers. Soap dispensers are more and more popular and used. From which dimensions can the user to distinguish soap dispenser?

plastic liquid soap dispenser

We can respectively from the following dimensions to understand the soap dispenser and purchase.

According to the working principle, it can be divided into automatic induction soap dispensers and manual soap dispensers. Generally, induction soap dispensers will be used in places with a large number of people or hotels, and manual soap dispensers will be selected in general places.

Classification by material can be stainless steel soap dispenser, plastic soap dispenser, generally speaking, plastic soap dispenser will be a little cheaper, while stainless steel soap dispenser can be used in harsh environments.

It can be divided into single head soap dispenser, double head soap dispenser and three head soap dispensers. The household may choose in the single head soap dispenser, like the hotel guest room may choose the double head soap dispenser or the three heads soap dispenser, facilitates the user to use.

It can be divided into several categories according to the capacity, such as 300ml, 400ml, 500ml, 800ml, 1000ml, 1200ml, etc. We can choose to buy according to the human traffic in different places.

According to the brand selection, many users believe in the brand quality. Soap dispenser is the main product of AOLQ. We have soap dispenser of different functions, styles, capacities and materials. We strictly control the quality of each product, so that users choose more reliable.