Does the soap dispenser need to be disassembled and cleaned

- Jun 15, 2018-

With the increase of social economy, the use of soap dispensers is mainly in some star hotels or junior hotels, but people are increasingly demanding material life, and gradually soap dispensers are also entering our families. So does the soap dispenser have to be disassembled and cleaned?

Soap dispensers mainly include stainless steel soap dispensers and plastic soap dispensers, as well as the difference between single and double head. Any commodity will retain some dirt for a long time, or there may be dirt on the outer surface of the soap to block the soap head.

Normally, like impurities in the soap, we can suck it out by vacuum, and we don't need to clean it manually. If larger amounts of impurities are accidentally introduced into the soap dispenser, the worker can remove it for cleaning.


After cleaning, make sure that the gadget is not lost. If it is missing, you can communicate with the after-sales service.

Above, make you understand the assembly and cleaning of soap dispensers? If you have any further questions, please leave us a message.