Does often use electric hair dryer have harm to the hair?

- Jan 19, 2019-

With the continuous development of science and technology, almost everyone now has a hair dryer, which has become one of the essential products in daily life. More young people today are stressed by life and work and are losing their hair at a young age, with a thinning hairline. You may be worried that a hair dryer will damage your hair and cause hair loss.

Actually drop the reason of hair, besides shampoo not often, life habit, still have even if blower temperature is exorbitant, below the environment of wind speed of high temperature of short time, scalp appears more easily dry, take off chip reach drop the circumstance such as hair. In addition to damage to the scalp, high temperature on the hair of the injury is huge, hair dryer high temperature easy to cause moisture loss, it is easy to lead to hair yellow hair.

To this end, it is key to choose a suitable hair dryer, usually we should choose the multi-position and with constant temperature hair dryer, for women, the blowing time is longer, so constant temperature dry hair is very important, does not damage hair. AOLQ blower just meet these advantages, choose high quality hair dryer, take good care of hair, enjoy life.