Do you really blow your hair?

- Dec 18, 2018-

When we blow our hair, there is always such problem. Why can’t we blow the same effect compared with the hair stylist? Why do people become goddesses after they have finished blowing their hair, but after oneself blow, the hair is very hairy however manic? You might think it’s the reason for the hair dryer, but you may not know that way of hair blowing can also affect us. How can we blow our hair better and make us more beautiful?

1. Dry the water on your hair with a dry towel.

2. Then apply hair care oil to your hair. To avoid too much oil, don’t start with hair roots. The role of hair oil is to ensure that the moisture of the hair will not be lost, forming a protective film to avoid damage to the scalp.

3. Use a hair dryer to blow hair. When blowing hair, people with long hair can layer their hair, and the hair dryer is about 10cm away from the scalp. Then, in the order from the top of the head, blow dry from the roots, and then dry the hair in the direction.

4. When blowing hairstyle, use hot wind to blow, reoccupy cool wind finalizes the design. Blow vertically from the top of a head downward, the hair have burnish quite.

A good hair dryer and a hair blowing method can blow out a beautiful hair style, make the hair smooth and lustrous, and better care for the hair without causing hair damage.